• 1st £20 H. PERCIVAL (SQUASH)
  • 2nd £10 N. HAIGH (BOWLS)
  • 3rd £5 M. BENNETT (BOWLS)

Every section benefits. Your Club benefits. It's only a quid. A measly pound coin per month.

Join today!

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All for just £1 per month. Help yourself, your section & your Club. Join today!

Here's how it works. You pay a pound a month & you don't notice it. We collect it. 50p goes into the prize fund with two Superdaws a year as well as monthly draws; 25p goes to YOUR section; 25p goes to YOUR CLUB. Last year the Sports Club were awarded £250 of which we spent £140 on plants, conifers and planters as well as maintenance of the patio area.

So it really does help and EVERYONE wins. All for a measly £1 per month.

SIGN UP and help yourself, YOUR Section and YOUR Club.